Videoecology is a new scientific direction deals with ecology of visual environment and a beauty
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The concept on automaticity of saccades is the basis of videoecology.
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Theoretical and practical problems of videoecology are worked out in Moscow centre "Videoecology"
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The full concept of saccades automaticity is set out in V.A.Filin's monographs "Videoecology", in Russian (3 editions) and in English and "Automaticity of saccades", in Russian
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Under myopia an amplitude and number of saccades are more than in norm. It is not clear yet what is the cause and what is the effect: whether a large saccadic frequency and amplitude lead to myopia or, on the contrary, the myopia results in change of saccadic automaticity. This question needs special investigations. However, we would like to share some considerations.

We are inclined to the idea that large amplitude and large number of saccades lead to the growth of myopia i.e. saccadic automaticity is primary and myopia is secondary.

Automaticity of saccades in weak-eyed patients
Automaticity of saccades under blindness (ablepsia)
Automaticity of saccades under convergent and divergent strabismus
Automaticity of saccade under lesions of a muscle apparatus of eye
Automaticity of saccade under damage of oculomotor nerve
Automaticity of saccade under damage of brainstem structures
Alcohol influence on the automaticity of saccades
Mechanism of nystagmus

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Videoecology Videoecology is the science of interaction between a human being and visual environment
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Doctor of biology, academician of International Academy of sciences Vasiliy A. Filin is the founder of the videoecology as a science .
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Visual environment is all we perceive by organ of vision, in other words it is all we look at by our eyes
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