Videoecology is a new scientific direction deals with ecology of visual environment and a beauty
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The concept on automaticity of saccades is the basis of videoecology.
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Theoretical and practical problems of videoecology are worked out in Moscow centre "Videoecology"
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The full concept of saccades automaticity is set out in V.A.Filin's monographs "Videoecology", in Russian (3 editions) and in English and "Automaticity of saccades", in Russian
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Videoecology is a science of interaction between a human being and visual environment

The author of this scientific direction and this term is Vasiliy A.Filin.

The term "videoecology" proposed be V.A.Filin in 1989. The word is derived from two roots: "video" that is all we see by the organ of vision and "ecology" that is the science about various aspects of interaction of a person and environment. Theoretical basis of the videoecology is concept of automaticity of saccades

Visual environment is one of important components of human vital activity and it is polluted in the places of human habitat such as: cities, dwelling, industrial premises, traffic. The pollution of visual environment in cities has being creating by homogeneous and aggressive visual fields, and due to a great number of straight lines, right angles and large planes. Unfavourable visual environment negatively influenced a human being. It increases the number of mental and myopic patients and leads to deterioration of morals.

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Videoecology Videoecology is the science of interaction between a human being and visual environment
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Doctor of biology, academician of International Academy of sciences Vasiliy A. Filin is the founder of the videoecology as a science .
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Visual environment is all we perceive by organ of vision, in other words it is all we look at by our eyes
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