29.07.2008. International Conference "Ecocity World Summit" took place in San Francisco (USA) in April 21-26 2008. Vasiliy Filin's lecture "Problems of impairment of urban visual environment" had a great success.
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13.03.2008. World Forum of Culture will take place 15-20 October 2008 in Astana (Kazakhstan). A section "Realizing of the beauty will save us" is planned
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08.10.2007. The International Symposium "Natural cataclysms and global problems of the modern civilization" took place 24-27 September 2007 in Baku (Azerbaijan)
V.A.Filin read a lecture "Ecology of urban visual environment"
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11.06.2007. In may 2007 director of Moscow centre "Videoecology" V.A.Filin was awarded as a winner in nomination "Ecology and health" for successful execution of programme "Videoecology".
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Videoecology is a new scientific direction deals with ecology of visual environment and a beauty

The concept on automaticity of saccades is the basis of videoecology.

The full concept of saccades automaticity is set out in V.A.Filin's monographs "Videoecology", in Russian (3 editions) and in English and "Automaticity of saccades", in Russian

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Videoecology, the term, the author.
An eye as an organ of vision
Methods of eye movements registration
Eye movements. Saccades
Saccades in the darknessе
Saccades in blind subjects
Automaticity of saccades
Concept of automaticity of saccades
Functionality of automaticity of saccades
Automaticity of saccades and a sleep
How do we see by random saccades?
Automaticity of saccades in pathology
Automaticity of saccades under myopia
Automaticity of saccades under weak vision
Automaticity of saccades under blindness
Automaticity of saccades under convergent and divergent strabismus
Automaticity of saccade under lession of a muscle apparatus of eye
Automaticity of saccade under damage of oculomotor nerve
Automaticity of saccade under damage of brainstem structures
Alcohol influence on automaticity of saccades
Mechanism of nystagmus
Visual environment
Visual environment. Homogeneous visual field
Homogeneous visual environment in cities and towns
Homogeneous visual fields in small architectural objects
Homogeneous visual fields in interiors of residencies and industrial buildings
New-born children "do not like" to look at homogeneous visual fields
Vision in homogeneous fields
Aggressive visual field
Aggressive visual fields in cities and towns
Aggressive visual fields in public buildings
Aggressive visual fields in industrial building
Aggressive visual fields in small architectural objects
Vision in aggressive visual environment
Comparison of former and new appearance of cities and towns (photos)
How to create comfortable visual environment. Recommendations
Videoecology and health.
Books and a film.
Videoecology (in Russian)
Text: introduction, conclusion, content
Videoecology (in English)
Text: introduction, conclusion, content
Automaticity of saccades (in Russian)
Text: introduction, conclusion, content
Poets and authors about eyes (in Russian)
Text: introduction, conclusion, content
Mechanism of nystagmus
Problem of videoecology of urban visual environment
Some materials of the International Symposium "Natural cataclysms and global problems of the modern civilization". 24-27 September 2007, Baku (Azerbaijan)
Saccade automaticity and pursuing eye movements
Urban visual environment as a social factor
About the author.
About Moscow centre "Videoecology".
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Videoecology is the science about the interaction between a human being and visual environment
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Doctor of biology, academician of International Academy of sciences Vasiliy A. Filin is the founder of the videoecology as a science .
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Visual environment is all we perceive by organ of vision, in other words it is all we look at by our eyes
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